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Health Benefits

As a food supplement, Ubiquinol provides numerous benefits. A scientific study describes the visible resorbance and quicker healing of micro-lesions of muscular tissue by daily doses of Ubiquinol-based food supplements. In another study, athletes taking Ubiquinol exhibited less signs of fatigue after training than members of a control group who had taken a placebo. Finally, it has also been proved that a single dose of Ubiquinol has a direct beneficial impact on sporting performance. With its specific antioxidant property, Ubiquinol not only protects cells from deterioration as it combats free radicals, but it also improves the appearance of the skin.

Ubiquinol: A food supplement that boosts one’s energy supply
Sportsmen and women are advised to take Ubiquinol, the ‚ready-to-use‘ form of Coenzyme Q10.  This active form of Coenzyme Q10 has only been available for preparing food supplements since 2006. As a particularly powerful antioxidant, Ubiquinol is highly reactive towards oxygen and converts into the conventional Coenzyme Q10 (the oxidised form) on contact with the air. It is only after years of painstaking research that we have been able to manufacture Ubiquinol using fermentation of yeast. Ubiquinol obtained by this patented process can now be taken in the form of capsules.  Compared with a food supplement based on traditional Coenzyme Q10, a Ubiquinol-based one is better assimilated by the organism, does not require activating and therefore acts faster, and is a true antioxidant cell protector.

A NON-doping and quality controlled substance  

According to current studies, a clinically observable effect appears ten days after the start of a daily dose of between 50 and 100 mg. In addition, Ubiquinol is totally natural and has no side effects.  And, as the Cologne-based German Sports University (Deutsche Sporthochschule) has confirmed, the substance is NON-doping.  Indeed, this particular micro-nutrient is on the ‚Cologne List‘ of food supplements that are authorised for sportsmen and women. And it is well known that many professional sportsmen and women and even national teams regularly use Ubiquinol as a food supplement.

Advantages of using Ubiquinol-based food supplements:

•    A natural substance with no side effects
•    Reinforces stamina and improves performance
•    Reduction in minor muscular tissue lesions and a faster regeneration
•    Natural protection for cells
•    Reinforces the immune system
•    NON-doping substance